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DreamLine Productions, established in 2011, specializes in the creation of media content through diverse channels – film, documentary, commercials, music videos, web ads, live broadcasting, and even website design.

Our vision are aims to fortify its goal of “Educating the next generation of storytellers,” Which offering professional film production workshop to educational institutes.

By developing a hands-on and skill-based approach to the Filmmaking process, DreamLine Productions’ professional workshops is the essential experience for bringing out the best Storyteller in you.

Start from half day

DreamLine Productions has been invited to several colleges and other education institutions since 2010 to orient their students on the basics of Filmmaking.

Whether it be a half-day session on Editing or a two-day workshop on the basic disciplines of Film Production, DreamLine has taught and inspired over 200 students, engaging them in pursuing their creative outlets to augment their main areas of study.

And it’s been DreamLine’s belief that the basic concepts of Filmmaking extend beyond students involved in the creative fields.

Our Previous workshops

Video production training for corporates

DreamLine Productions professional workshops are available for the corporations aiming for self-produced video marketing tools. Our professional team will visit your company and have hands-on trainings with options of 2, 5, and 7 days duration.

Trainings for corporations are concentrated on commercial productions including basic to advance techniques on everything from storytelling to editing. Once training is completed, the trainee has a 6 months access to support and consultation from our professionals.

Our trainings


Conceptualizing a solid screenplay built on the core elements of story design that’s viable to be visualized on screen.


Coordinating all the logistical and financial requirements for aggregating talent and technicians to create a story from script to screen.


Interpreting a screenplay through the effective and efficient synchronization of actors, narrative drive, visual aesthetics, sound design, and technical medium to portray a good story well told.


Highlighting visual techniques through the masterful use of camera and lighting to create a more meaningful, cinematic experience told through the eyes of the lens.


Putting together the puzzle pieces of recorded footage and sound, as well as motion graphics and other effects, using professional-grade software coherently.


Recording high quality production audio and maximizing its use to drive storytelling to a cut above the rest.

Sample projects made by students

Title: Dear

Title: MASK


How the production goes?


Send us the full details for your video project through our email form.

We will be replying to your email within 24-48 hours including the proposed quotation.


Our sales personnel will visit your office and discuss schedules and plans.


Our professional production team will visit the venue and hands-on workshop will start.The period of workshop may vary from half day to 7 days.


For corporate plans, clients are avail of 6 month support from professional crew for any advice on technical or creativity through email.

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Aside from providing video advertising for televisions or corporate AVP and online marketing, we also aim to train aspiring filmmakers through our workshops. We create and educate.

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