Corporate Videos

AVP, a standard video for corporate use

From advertisement to company profile and everything in-between, experience a top-notch quality video.

Do you want a commercial that lasts longer but within a reasonable budget? We recommend a corporate AVP. With a short video 10 minutes or less, deliver more of information about your establishment such as its company description.

Or perhaps, you can entrust us with your foundation celebration video. A corporate AVP can save over 40% of your budget in comparison to TVC production.

Corporate AVP are best for

Promotional Corporate profile and portflio
Presentational Anniversary and other presentational videos for corporate event
Educational Video tutorial and how-to for internal use
Online marketing Video advertisement for YouTube, Facebook and website

Find a plan fit to yours

DreamLine Productions offers 3 categories of corporate video to fit your requirements

  • Standard AVP
  • 1-3min / HD Quality
  • 1-2 crew / 1 day shoot
  • Point and shoot style
  • Standard editing and color corrections
  • Completion within 1-2 weeks
  • Elite AVP
  • Any duration / 4K or HD Quality
  • 7+ crew/ 5+ day shoot
  • Fully planned
  • Advance editing and VFX,3DCGI,color corrections
  • Completion within 3-4+ weeks

Standard AVP

Most cost efficient production plan.

Looking for simple documentary style commercial video? Standard AVP offers a point and shoot style of production in which 1-2 crew member will visit the location to shoot high definition video using professional equipment. Standard AVPs don’t utilize advanced visual effects or voiceover, while ensuring the same top-notch quality directing and editing, as with the other plans.

The finished product will be delivered usually within 1-2 weeks. Best choice for clients who need video immediately or looking for multiple projects within an affordable budget.

Advanced AVP

Covering most of your requirements in creative way.

Advanced AVP will surely be providing most of your needs for corporate AVPs. Our creative team will be working with the client from the production of storyboard to the advanced editing including the visual effects and voice over to enhance the creativity of the project. Shooting will involve multiple locations with 4-5 crew using professional equipment including HD cameras. Aerial and underwater shots are included in this plan as well.

This plan also includes a shortened version of the final AVP, which is useful as an online marketing tool, edit for our clients as a freebie. The product will normally delivered within 2-3+ weeks depending on the clients’ requirements.

Elite AVP

Highest quality and elegant video.

4K resolution is four times larger resolution compered to HD, which means it can provide finer details through its high quality videos. DreamLine Productions offer a choice of  4K and HD resolution for Elite AVP plan. Aside from the choices of the resolution, client may avail of 3D CGI or advanced visual effects and animation for the project.

If you are looking for AVP longer than 10 minute length and/or shoot requiring film sets and/or advanced visual effects, Elite AVP will be your best choice. The product will normally be delivered within 4-5+ weeks depending on the clients’ requirements.


Aerial shot

Dynamic image from above is the best way to showcase an entire building and other subjects to give a stronger impact on your audiences. Our well experienced drone operator will be responsible for safely flying the drone to execute astonishing aerial shots.

Our aerial shots are included in Advanced and Elite AVP, although Standard plan clients could also avail this service. We also offer raw aerial shooting with no editing.

4K & HD professional equipments

DreamLine Productions utilizes professional equipment supporting up to 4K(UHD) resolution for the client who requires the best quality. Nonetheless, HD quality is what we recommend for most projects, with the assurance of the same top-notch product.

*Shooting in 4K resolution is also available for Standard and Advanced AVP plans. Additional charge applies.


Have no idea where to start? Nothing to worry about! Our well experienced director will be working with you hands-on from pitching ideas for the concept to suggestions for script and storyboard to the client prior to production.

Creative directing & professional crew

Our well experienced and multiple-award winning director and production crew are can work on various settings from the aerial to underwater shoot. Client satisfaction through capturing only the best scene and creative directing is an assurance.

Storytelling with a film aesthetic

Give your usual corporate AVPs a little human touch. A story telling style AVPs give you an illusion of watching a film.The product will be more narrative, while still providing the essential message to your audiences.

Narrative commercial gives longer viewing time and stronger impressions to the audience, which has become increasingly used in video adverts. We can make the commercial entirely narrative or just partially, tailored to your concept.


Adding interview scenes is one of the best way to tell a narrative. It gives a feeling of immediate reality by sending the firsthand story from the storyteller himself, allowing a more dramatic expression, showcasing human emotions.

Interview scenes can range from plain and simple to complex, requiring additional setup such as lightings, which is all in capability of DreamLine Productions.

Editing and motion graphics

One of DreamLine Production takes pride in its fast and creative editing, without a compromise on the quality on the video. Color correction and advanced editing are part of all offered plans, while 4K resolution maybe supported as desired by the clients. If you are looking for even more creative video, we also offer visual effects, 2D kinetic animation and 3D CGI to enhance your video project.

We also offer editing services to maximize your existing video clips, and full motion graphic projects for commercial and presentational video.

How the production goes?


Send us the full details for your video project through our email form.

We will be replying to your email within 24-48 hours including the proposed quotation.


After the contract signing, we will be finalizing the script and storyboard, confirm locations, and finally arrange the cast and crew for the productions.


Shooting of the project will be happening during this phase. DreamLine Productions’ crews will be utilizing professional equipment.

Shooting schedule will depend on the proposed plans and the requirements of the project.


The footages taken during the productions are arranged and edited during this stage. Professional editing softwares will be utilized, and color corrections and/or visual effects will be added together with scoring and/or voice over.

The period of editing will depend on the clients’ requirements.

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