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A photo is a valuable tool for marketing in any setting.

A single photo of any product says a lot. We can judge, feel and think from it. But there is only so much a single photo can convey. Now, imagine what a group of pictures can do. A video.

With a video, you could describe in details everything about your product, sending your message directly to your audience just the way you want it.

No matter what theme or idea it may be, just a single video could bear an endless possibilities. DreamLine Productions will aid you in discovering those possibilities.

Why do we need videos?

Video Promotion is the most effective  promotional tool

Compared to other means of promotions such as written or website materials, a video can contain more information and express the content directly to the audience in a shorter span of time.

An advantage with video is its ability to show the fine details of a product or a location that writings sometimes fail to achieve.

More audiences from websites, SNS, mobile devices

With more affordable mobile devices and increased access to the internet today, there is an increasingly large potential audience on the internet.

Short and creative videos are the most effective way to approach these users, and is the simplest way to get your video around the web with the advent of today’s popularity of social network sites.

A creative video will standout with other competitors

Does your competitor have a commercial video too? Make yourself standout by creating a more creative and impactful video.

Anyone can potentially create a commercial for promotion, but if your video goes beyond theirs, then this opens more doors for opportunities.

Why DreamLine Productions?

We research and suggest the most effective way to reach out the audience

DreamLine Productions is not your usual production company who only produces videos for our clients. We also analyze and research your company and its services, so we may suggest the best way to create a tailored promotional video that is effective and will reach out to your target audiences.

We can also suggest other uses for the video for future marketing strategies.

Japanese owned company producing high quality products

DreamLine Productions is the first Japanese owned multimedia production company in the Philippines, composed of experienced professionals. We aim to provide the most effective way to grab your targeted audience’s attention and further promote your product in countless ways.

We have partners in Osaka, Japan and we aid in marketing, promotions and/or productions in Japan.

Creative, Unique and Original

DreamLine Productions has produced numerous products over the years to both local and international clients, and has also won several awards in various film festivals.

Our tagline “.Be Creative” uses a period in its beginning which signifies our belief that creativity has no end. Our mission is to produce products guaranteed creative, unique and original.

Armed with the latest equipment and facilities, DreamLine Production is more than capable of executing your needs with the absolute quality.

Affordable and Cost Efficient

Based on the clients’ projected budget, DreamLine Productions provides different categories that fits the clients’ needs.

We provide reasonable prices and cost-effective services, guaranteed to satisfy our clients.

Featured services

Corporate Videos(AVP)

Do you want a commercial that lasts longer but within a reasonable budget? We recommend a corporate AVP. Within 10 minutes, show more of your company, from its descriptions, anniversary videos and beyond. From advertisement to company profile and everything in-between,Experience a top-notch quality video.

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Motion Graphic

Tell stories to your audience, the modern way. The dynamic usage of texts and graphics will leave you with a strong edge.

Film workshops

As quick as a minimum of a half day session, learn from our professional crew the various video production techniques. Recommended for schools and corporations aiming for a production of in-house videos.

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About DreamLine

We analyze and research your company and its services so we may suggest the best videos tailored just for your company. Reach your target audiences more effectively with us.

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Aside from providing video advertising for televisions or corporate AVP and online marketing, we also aim to train aspiring filmmakers through our workshops. We create and educate.

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