Taxi Driver

Type: Short Film
Year: 2010
Director: Mikio Makino Jr.


  • Chuck Luat
  • Kenta Endo
  • Haruna Takano
  • Kevin Chan
  • Martin Engracia
  • Karl Porio
  • John Imson
  • Majoy Madeja
  • Kinichi Anju Makino
  • Oliva Makino
  • Written and Directed By
    Mikio Makino Jr.
  • Producer
    KC Korro
  • Assistant Director
    Ayna Ray Garcia
  • Cinematographer / Editor
    Mikio Makino Jr.
  • Camera Operator
    Mark Celestino
  • Gaffer
    Helbert Capa
  • Key Grip
    Rajeev Takur
  • Sound Operator
    Paul Verhaeghe



Marco, a young taxi driver, tries to make a living in the harsh city. He makes a quick buck out of conning tourists into paying more than the meter and borrows money from friends without intention of paying them back.

He is tough and rude to others, always looking out for his own selfish interests. He hides his true nature from his mother in the province by convincing her that he's always busy with work as a manager for some company.