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My Paranormal Romance Screening on November 28th.

November 14th, 2012
A feature film co-produced by DreamLine Productions, "My Paranormal Romance" are screening on November 28th to December 4th in selected SM Cinemas.

My Paranormal Romance is feature film produced in 2011 for CinemaOne Originals and the director is Victor Villanueva. This film was originally screend at CinemaOne Originals Film Festival on November 2011th and awarded for Best Editing, Best Production Designing and Special Citation for Director.

Save the day and don't miss this screening! Bring your friends, family or your love ones for this cebuano love comedy!

My Paranormal Romance Synopsis:

Merry just wants to focus on her studies to secure her future, discarding romances and relationships as nonsensical distractions. She wants to get in the toughest university in the country, S.H.U (Super Hard University)

But Life throws her a curve-ball in the form of a mystical object that makes Merry a magnet for everything paranormal.

Frustrated singers, Killer refrigerators and rabbits all converge to wreck your sanity in this wacky random romantic comedy adventure of Kiliggable proportions!

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